Paradigm Designs Team...

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.” - Aristotle

 Paradigm Designs Software Pty Ltd is a research and development software company, specialising in boutique internet-based fin tech solutions. Our recently completed projects involved the areas of: 

  • Online Investment Management,
  • Online Identity Validation,
  • Online banking,
  • Blockchain applications,
  • Online Small Business Accounting.

Our forward thinking, innovation and years of experience have allowed us to reliably deliver corporate solutions quickly and effectively.


Paradigm Designs Software started 30 years ago in enterprise asset management software for large corporations.  These applications assist in the management of billions of dollars of assets with sites that have hundreds of maintenance personnel. Our systems have achieved core system status operating 24/7 on sites where customers need high levels of corporate compliance and governance. Our products include PBS4, PBS8, Translingual, Asset Metric and Trade Winds, which we continue to develop and support.


Like many of the finest teams - we love what we do, and we thrive on challenge and innovation that delivers return on investment and competitive advantage. Our ability to integrate with third party ERP systems like SAP mean that customers realize greater leverage and value from their investment.


We listen, understand and collaborate with our clients to produce innovative solutions that transform our clients’ businesses, revenue and reputations. We work closely with you to generate benefits and opportunities to enhance quality of life for those whom your business impacts.


Examples of our recent work are:

  •      Corporate Direct Online Banking Interface
  •      Online Investment Portal
  •      eBankBooks a Small Business Online Accounting web app

Our experienced team is based in Australia and China. Connect with us to discuss how we can help you to transform your business.