Online Banking Interface Design

It is very rare to find a company that has successfully implemented a fully functional banking interface. Paradigm has done this and to the highest levels of Enterprise integration, security and functionality with great levels of user acceptance and success. We are talking about a banking interface that includes identity checking (to AML/CTF standards), mobile phone and email validation, address validation, communications to external third parties and the highest levels of security from the web front end through to the database and other communications.


Creating an online banking web app requires an understanding of many components and including your internal systems, which means you need to know that you are dealing with people that have a depth in understand of integration and other systems.


Our web apps need to size themselves to match all devices, follow standards and current fashions, operate on all operating systems and devices and meet usability requirements for end users. We have proven that our interfaces work because of their enormous success and proven scalability.


If there is one thing that a banking app needs to be it is secure. Our systems include a raft of novel systems including custom encryption, data creation and decryption only at the point access, locational identification, device tracking and blocking, secure architectural and data designs and many highly technical security developments. Our systems undergo hack testing every three months. Even though we know we meet world’s best practise we are constantly upgrading our defences. If you want to build a banking interface we are the right people for the job with a proven history in the area.