PBS8 for Enterprise Asset Management

PBS8 is a complete TransLingual application to be used as a fully integrated Enterprise Asset Management system or as discrete modules.


PBS8 delivers a proven track record of business returns, engineering administration and decision support within an innovative visually driven environment. PBS8 is designed to address business issues within a holistic asset management lifecycle that has a proven capacity in enterprise maintenance or asset management.


PBS8’s unique, integrated, easy to use, visual drill-down plant and asset register can include any graphical information such as: plant and asset drawings, process diagrams, safety instructions or context-rich information. PBS8’s graphical interface visually drives the focus of powerful modules with little requirement for understanding complex assets or area naming conventions. PBS8’s Visual interface can link to other systems.


PBS8's functions include: work request, programmed maintenance, cost analysis, multiple business structure model, work, inventory, contractor, safety, risk and document management - suited to the management of large to medium mining, paper, civil, utilities, energy, gaming, complex engineering, food or fleet facilities. Fully integrated modules may be activated as required, providing for phased implementation.