Online ID Validation and Registration

Identifying your clients is a crucial part of doing business today. Success of large online banks like ING Direct and UBank in securing billions of dollars in funds has been underpinned by their ability to easily register and verify new customers online. These companies now have a virtual branch to enlist new clients on any smart phone, tablet and computer in Australia with a fraction of the costs incurred by the traditional banks.


Any business, that requires direct client relationships with individuals, such as a bank or a utility company, and that also wishes to expand their business quickly must take advantage of this new landscape. This must be done by creating a strong online presence that allows customers to create accounts through a portal or a web app at their convenience and from any device. However, by not engaging with new customers face-to-face, the Identity Validation can become a serious challenge for the following reasons:


... All companies working in the financial sector in Australia are required to meet the Anti-Money Laundering and Counter-Terrorism Financing Act 2006 (AML/CTF legislation). It is essential to incorporate the understanding what this Act means into the design on the registration portal. This also applied to any large company not covered by the AML/CTF Act, where it is still prudent to know who you are dealing with.


... Online security measures must be implemented and rigorously tested to protect sensitive personal information from hackers and fraudulent activities.

... From a technical perspective, the app must run on all smart devices and be continuously updated to function on every platform in this ever-changing mobile landscape.

... The new Registration Portal/App must smoothly Interface with existing system within the business.


Paradigm’s proven Web App Identity Validation development experience means that we are the natural choice as your ID partner. We have a team of people that understand what constitutes an ID, the AML/CTF legislation, the layers of complex logic with a ready to go interface backed by a knowledgeable and experienced development team. 


You will have an online Web App up and running in a fraction of the time and cost of doing it yourself plus to be able to capitalise on our depth of experience to create transparent processes with existing backend systems.

Paradigm has a Ready-to-go proven hack-tested Web App solution that works on all devices and can plug your business into web profits while meeting your compliance and prudential risk requirements without the risk and cost of in-house solutions.