Enterprise Web Apps

Paradigm is experienced in designing and creating mission critical web apps that are used by thousands of people worldwide on all devices, popular browsers and operating systems. These systems include internet banking systems with full identity checking, online financial systems and a new concept in ID sharing services. These mission systems are hack tested four times a year by professional hack testing groups.


All of these web interfaces have to be elastic (size perfectly within any device) and run on all popular web browsers on all environments. These interfaces include the full array of third party connections including, postal address lookup, mobile phone and email validation, online identity validation (to meet current AML/CTF laws), communications to internal systems, and run on AJAX/HTML/HTML5.


The security models in these systems meet the highest standards. Our internal skills include database and web app security design that include state of the art security methods – many of which have been internally developed.  We are never arrogant about our security provisions but are sure that they meet and exceed world’s best practise. Our methods include custom algorithms, data accessibility only at the point of validation and login, encryption of all key data area and special front end usage of further encryption, locational services and state of the art device tracking and blocking methods. These systems include email and SMS messaging associated with the creation of unique codes.  In certain apps where it is required to meet the design requirements we incorporate blockchains that can be part of a hybrid SQL/Blockchain or purely blockchain environment.


If you want a web app of mission critical importance written then we are the right people to talk to.