AssetMetrics for Enterprise Asset Management

Moving beyond traditional systems, AssetMetric is a next generation product designed to provide Asset Managers with a tool set that secures essential business functions and optimization opportunities. A major strength of AssetMetric is that all data resides in a single information silo and that enables the business to grow in stages necessary to develop mature Asset Management strategies. 


AssetMetric addresses Board-level objectives as it enables robust Corporate Governance and Compliance. It identifies all major Risk Types as well as comprehensive Change Management of all required Risk Mitigation strategies then used to setup existing ERP/CMM systems. AssetMetric takes base data into an extended model to optimize PMs, Inventory Insurance Spare, Inventory and Resources requirements according to Downtime Costs and Risk.  Advanced Business decisions are possible from the Life Cycle Costs that factor in Carbon, Water and specified Energy costs. 


Key Features:

• Multi-dimensional Plant reference model (Asset registers);

• Complete Risk Register and Risk Mitigation strategies (PAS55, AS4360);

• PMs optimized to account for Production hours, Risk Levels and Downtime Costs;

• Lean PMs can be exported to existing CCMS/ERP;

• Identifies Insurance Spares and Projected Inventory Demand; 

• Projects OPEX and CAPEX budgets tuned to Budgeted Production;

• Life Cycle Costing that factors in Carbon Accounting Costs, Water and Identified energies;

• Fully Integrated with PBS8.


PDS’ core competencies and experience in software development, specifically in Asset Management, delivers boutique services to a small set of Clients. AssetMetric is also used by consultants specialising in advanced Asset Management professional services.