Blockchain Technology Consulting

During the development of our Web App ID system we learned that there was a place for a public ledger to make the process smoother, more accurate and most importantly less expensive.   Corporations spend large amounts of money on validating people’s identities because they need to pay a third party to validate them online and to develop a complex and difficult applications from the ground up. People spend time filling out their ID details for each new corporation they want to join and this might include passports, licence number and other difficult to get information. Our concept is to join all our clients together via blockchain to avoid duplication of effort in development for our corporations and their clients.


Each person that joins the ID network receives a special code that uniquely identifies them and this is shared around our blockchain network. When a customer is new to our ID blockchain they will need their ID validated via a third party (both civil and by the government) which culminates in a special code and password. This means that when people need to be identified by another one of our customers they simply provide this unique code and all the information is instantly shared without the need to send information to be revalidated via a third party. Convenient and secure for both parties yet more cost effective.


The system also includes an email/SMS service for customers based on a perishability time of the data. The client will get an email and SMS asking of they need to update their details and can then go online if required to correct their details. The new details are then shared amongst the network to maintain correct details making the data as fresh as possible all the time.

A democratic cost saving system such as this could only be created by a third party because it does not make sense for an internal development team to go to all this extra time and effort for other people and the cost savings are limited compared with the internal cost of development.


When the blockchain is combined with our ID web app (that can be modified to match your look and feel) then you have an instant solution that will cost less and be significantly better than building an inhouse solution.